Reimagining Recruitment

Recruitment is a £35.1 Billion a year industry in the UK alone (REC, 2016).

That's a lot of money and we think that there's an opportunity here to use some of that to improve and enrich the lives of those in forced, or no employment.


It's time to reimagine recruitment!


What if, with your company's recruitment budget you were able to: efficiently find, employ, empower and retain the staff you need to support business strategy and growth, whilst also having a significant impact on Social Change linked to Employment?

That's what drove us to create 'reinvest recruit'. We are first and foremost a professional, experienced and ethical recruitment management consultancy and excel at what we do. But as a Social Enterprise we are driven to succeed for our clients as we know the positive impacts good business has on affecting Social Change.

Learn more about 'Our Mission' and 'Who we Support' on our other pages.

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